Let’s just be honest, planning is boring, tedious, time consuming and just not sexy. It takes insight and foresight to plan. You must take into account strength and weaknesses, timing, age, background, education etc, etc. As you get more and more adept at writing plans, you will quickly become acquainted with the economic term “opportunity cost”. Opportunity cost has been described by economists as “the basic relationship between scarcity and choice”. This principle hones on the concept that the true cost of a good is not what you pay for it but rather it is what you had to forego in order to get that particular good. Here is an illustration from; going for a walk may appear to cost nothing, until you consider the opportunity forgone to use that time earning money. The fundamental problem that economics addresses is how to meet unlimited wants with limited resources. Opportunity cost therefore is an important tenet in answering that question because it probes us to ensure that resources are indeed being used efficiently.

Lets apply this principle to out personal lives, we all have unlimited wants (aka dreams) but we have limited resources such as time, money, intelligence, patience, support etc. Planning allows you to more accurately evaluate the cost of a decision. I remember one of my mentees and she was definitely a procrastinator. She had been taking nursing prerequisite courses for over 3 years and as I listened to her talk on and on about the challenges of taking more than 2 classes a semester and being fixated on getting into a prestigious program which had rejected her multiple times before. I finally got fed up and told her, “I appreciate your perseverance, but just remember that for every year you decide to delay, you are losing on average about $100,000 a year from future earnings”. The true cost of the decision to delay is not just another year, it is the loss of a potential $100,000 in income. It is the time you will lose by having to delay retirement in the future. It is the time you will lose with your family in the future. It is also a loss of the compound interest you will have gotten from savings. Within a year, my mentee got into a nursing program. Not necessarily the program of her choice but definitely got good training and now she works a nurse in her field of choice.

In conclusion, I urge you therefore to view planning as a GPS system. It calculates the time (true cost) of reaching your particular destination (your dream) by taking into account multiple variables such as distance, time of day, traffic, roadblocks, setbacks, accidents, other drivers on the road with you, the topography, the seasons of the year etc. Let’s not be arrogant enough to think that we can free style or way through life. If God himself makes plans, how can we be exempt? I leave you with a quote by William Gibson from The Economist.



Support: Not a prerequisite for success!


“Two hands make light work”. It is good to have support and encouragement in life. I am grateful for a wonderful husband who has supported me in all my endeavors for the past 9 years. Without question, support is an assert which can be used to pursue success. However, it is not a prerequisite for success.

I have met several people who claim to have been held back in life due to lack of support. Unfortunately, that is a LIE! You can not shrug off the responsibility for pursuing your dreams and your endeavors due to lack of support. The responsibility for fulfilling your dreams rests on you. It is irresponsible, immature and completely unacceptable to delay, deny or delete your dreams due to lack of support. Millions of people make it on their own without of a partner, family members or friends.

Be encouraged on your journey. One thing I have learned is -drive and passion are very attractive. Once you start pursuing your dreams fearlessly, you will be shocked at how fast people will be enlisting themselves into your service.

Happy Living – Berthina Coleman!

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This is actually one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Myles Munroe.

Opium (poppy tears) aka Lachryma papaveris (scientific name). Used to make morphine, heroin, methadone and hydrocodone. Used in medicine for pain relief. Used by addicts to escape their reality. Used by drug dealers to grow their personal wealth. Multiple uses for the same plant. There is a distinct possibility that one or more of the above users are using the plant outside of its intended PURPOSE.

Now let’s examine the case of a wife. To some she is a partner. To others a friend, a companion, a side-chick, a sounding board, a punching bag, the reason why things never work out in your life. To others a champion, a foe, an opponent, a competitor, a nag, a bore, a cheat, a fun-killer,  a lover or the best thing that ever happened to you. Chances are one or more of the above uses is not according to the manufacturer’s (aka the maker’s) recommendation.

I encourage you to examine every relationship in your life and understand its PURPOSE and stop being an ABUSER or allowing yourself to be ABUSED. Next time you feel like you are being treated out of context with respect to your PURPOSE, tell them to check the manufacturer’s manual.