True leadership


I am always surprised by how often people tend to want to copy and imitate other people’s goals in life as their own. I am always shocked by how many young people are inspired to become a physician after I give a talk. Mind you these are students who find the sciences extremely boring. Although it is flattering, I always make it a point to define the differences between inspiration and assimilation.

The point of telling my story and sharing my struggles are to inspire others. So please feel free to allow other people’s stories  to move and compel you into action. However assimilating someone else’s story and trying to replicate their story is inauthentic and bound to fail. As I always say I do not want you to replicate my story, I want you to be inspired enough to pursue your own dreams boldly.

Check out my video on True Leadership: see the attached link.

Let me know what true leadership means to you. Looking forward to learning together!


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