This is actually one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Myles Munroe.

Opium (poppy tears) aka Lachryma papaveris (scientific name). Used to make morphine, heroin, methadone and hydrocodone. Used in medicine for pain relief. Used by addicts to escape their reality. Used by drug dealers to grow their personal wealth. Multiple uses for the same plant. There is a distinct possibility that one or more of the above users are using the plant outside of its intended PURPOSE.

Now let’s examine the case of a wife. To some she is a partner. To others a friend, a companion, a side-chick, a sounding board, a punching bag, the reason why things never work out in your life. To others a champion, a foe, an opponent, a competitor, a nag, a bore, a cheat, a fun-killer,  a lover or the best thing that ever happened to you. Chances are one or more of the above uses is not according to the manufacturer’s (aka the maker’s) recommendation.

I encourage you to examine every relationship in your life and understand its PURPOSE and stop being an ABUSER or allowing yourself to be ABUSED. Next time you feel like you are being treated out of context with respect to your PURPOSE, tell them to check the manufacturer’s manual.





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