CONSISTENCYI was recently introduced to some of Seth Godin’s work. If you have never heard of him, seriously you need to google him. One of the most thought-provoking ideas he discusses is making a commitment to share a new idea with your community every day as a gift to yourself and others. For him, that meant writing a blog every single day which he has done since 2002. He takes the idea of consistency to a new level. I have always considered myself a pretty consistent person but once I read his work. I felt compelled to “level up”.

Sometimes I question the value of my voice, my contribution or even the necessity of sharing “commonsense knowledge” which everyone else knows or should know. Other times, I question the value of doing “unproductive” work. Work without an easily calculated return on investment. What really is the value of sharing my most personal thoughts with a bunch of strangers and not-so-strangers online? Does it make a difference? Who cares? Seth Godin eloquently verbalizes what I have been stammeringly trying to articulate for years. The reason why we write and share and contribute is that we are really giving a gift to ourselves, our communities, our future. Nothing excites me more than gift giving especially when the person you are giving something to may not be able to return that favor right now or maybe ever. For me, that is when joy is the most sincere and pure. This new perspective allowed me to return back to my writing with renewed vigor. The idea that I can give a gift every single day and re-experience that joy of giving every single day is enough. Enough to keep me coming back to play, create, write, shape and dream and live narrative that far exceeds my wildest dreams.



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