Own your narrative


Britain did this for years. For a long time, most of the world’s history was told from the perspective of the English. The US now plays that role. Rightly or wrongly,  it provides context for the rest of the world from music to movies to politics and science.

Ever wondered who controls your narrative? Is it a parent, a spouse, a friend or an enemy? Is this person alive or dead? Yes, I did say dead, you would be surprised how many people are controlled by the dead. Do you allow your parent’s successes or failures to stunt your growth.

Either way, it is your story and you can choose to have a say how it is written or you can give up control of your narrative either intentionally or unintentionally and miss out on the life you were designed to live.

I want to encourage to you to take the time to share your thoughts with friends, colleagues and even frenemies. 

I recognize  that we are all overworkedover exposed and over stimulated today but if you liked this article, consider liking it and sharing it with a friendfamily member, colleague, hater or frenemy!

Share your thoughts below, I can’t wait to hear from YOU!





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