So you wanted to be a doctor?

Me by 9 am, after my first case

Me by 9 am, after my first case

Beep, beep, beep my alarm goes off. For a few seconds I am actually disoriented, where am I?…and where am I going at this God forsaken hour?…. Wait what time is it anyway? I wearily roll over to check the clock and its 3:00 am in the morning.

Suddenly it all starts coming back to me, I am a surgical resident in the 7th month of my residency and I am going through a living hell…ahem…I mean, I am living the dream right now. I roll over and give my wonderful husband a kiss.

I can’t believe I signed up for this. Wait I fought and studied hard for this. I try to ignore the bags under my eyes and the rolls I can feel around my waist as I try to remind my self that this is a blessing and I am living the dream.

I hurry through my morning routine shower, brush teeth, jacket, keys and pager. I gently tiptoe out of the house praying that I don’t wake the baby up because then, my already tired husband will have to miss out on sleep again to help settle the kids. I hurriedly step out of my apartment rushing to the job that I hate…I mean love….I can think of a few choice words in at least 5 languages to describe my job but I refrain from doing so since I am saved and I am a mother of 2 now. God where has the time gone? I am somebody’s mother. Oh Lord, help those children!

God, I love my life and I am really living the dream. Grin. Okay so I really must explain the living the dream statement. For the people who know me I really am passionate about life. If I like a new movie well everyone I know is going to watch it, If I read a new book well everyone in my circle must read it. In short, I do most things with passion and try to live life with fervency. Anyway, I have always dreamed of being a doctor as young as age 5 or 6 and it has been a dream for so long that now that I am finally done, I have to remind myself constantly that I am living the dream. Hey as they say in Cameroon, “na ya mbanga, na ya oil” Loosely translated, “you made your bed, now lie in it”. Anyway, it’s time to stop day dreaming and get to work, It’s already 4 am and I have 19 patients to see and write notes on before 7 am. Hmm, I really hate…I mean love this! Yay me!


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